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Your gateway to your best life lies ahead. violet elli services focus on personal evolution, transformation, and expanding the capacity to live beyond your current potential

Violet Alchemy Certified Healer
Reiki Master

Channeling Artist
Tarot for Introspection



I recently had an energy healing session with Elli. Before my session I was in a rut mentally, physically, and even professionally. My anxiety was off the wall, and depression slowly started creeping in. I was completely blown away by the messages Elli delivered. For me, everything was spot on a really resonated. I can't describe the feeling of waking up the next day other than "lighter" it was honestly an awakening for me, and I'm going to take her advice to heart day by day. I feel more empowered, and my professional life has even had a little boost! I would recommend this to literally anyone. Elli is sweet, intuitive, warm, and a bright soul, she is truly gifted.


Violet Alchemy helped me get out of one of the darkest places I've been both with others and myself. Whether it be affirmation, support, or the mystic behind the process, I am so thankful that she shared this love and power with someone in need.



"What we think, we become"




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